Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jamie Foxx on Ebro in Morning

Hands up! One of the best interviews I've heard/seen in a long time. Jaime Foxx is truly a living legend. Wish I could have went to one of those parties though boy look it here! Can't wait to see Tyson, No doubt in my mind Jaime is going to kill it. He is not only a great story teller you can tell he knows how to not just live life but enjoy life. Being in radio I have the opportunity to speak with phenomenal people like Jaime from all faucets of life it truly is an honor. You can learn so much not only about that person but about yourself or maybe I just like talking :/ … Anyways on a side note somebody must have told Laura Styles she was waaay too to laid back cause she been tuuurned up lately Doesn't seem genuine but well see how long it last…

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