France Wellington "Raising J Holiday"

This book is not just about raising a superstar son,  its filled with practical advice about life, family, love, motherhood, and the importance of a relationship with God,”

Frances Wellington, is an  Author, single mom, widow, prophet, business owner, Ordained Minister, Poet  and friend of the people. She has written over fifty teaching books for elementary aged students, and has penned more than 600 poems which are scheduled to be published in the future.
While there are many books written by celebrity moms, Raising J. Holiday: A Mother’s Untold Story, gives new and much broader meaning to the term “it takes a mother’s love,” demonstrating that a mother’s love and determination is all that’s needed. “Writing this book was one of the hardest thing I have ever done". It was very emotional, but I knew I had to do it for his fans because I wanted them to know that there was a lot of hardships and sleepless nights for me as a single mother; and that my son didn’t become J.Holiday overnight,” Frances Wellington explained. Listen to my Exclusive Interview with Frances on NBR

The book is available on and

Frances Wellington is now available for book signings, and speaking engagements. For more information and bookings contact Breakthrough Management Services at (404) 855-4592.

Chris Brown Spitting Bars?

Color Wars: Dark or Light Skin

I'm speechless. We gotta do something about this.

Love & HipHop Reunion Sneak Preview!

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Love & Hip Hop

[New Video] Bella Fyntae "Spend Time"

Ray J: "I Hit it first"

By: Nia B

Ray J has lost his mind ya'll and he better hope Kanye don't find it. He has developed this crazy notion that his D**k made the Kardashians famous (like his was the only one that was capable of doing that -No offense). He claims without him Kim Kardashian wouldn't be who she is today. Even his Twitter bio oozes outlandish arrogance stating "I DON'T HANG WITH STARS, I CREATE THEM" BS Ray J. On top of all of that he had the nerve to release a song entitled "I hit is first" "I put her on" All I have to say is...somebody needs some attention and Where is Brandy? On a side note but a major note Ray J has a new show coming "BG CallStars" what surprise :-D

EVE = Lip Lock 5/14

TBT: J Holiday "Bed"

Catch J Holiday Live on NiaB!Radio Monday April 8th 9/8C

Jay-z Launches New Sports Agency

              Jay- Z has added yet another entity to his roster of businesses with the induction of his new sports agency "Roc Nation Sports" with CAA, Creative  Artist Agency he is digging even deeper into the sports world. He has already signed New York Yankees all Star Robinson Cano and looking to sign NY Giant Victor Cruz. Cruz is reportedly asking for 10 million plus!

J. Holiday Live on NBR 4/8/12

Chris Brown on Power 105

[New Video] Chris Brown "Fine China"

Looks like Chris is getting back to his MJ Roots. This new video "Fine China" reminds me so much of MJ's The way you make me feel. Chris recently said in an interview that he is focused on his music and  thinking about settling down with RiRi do I hear wedding bells!
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