New Podcast! Relations Ep 1 Pt 2.

Hey Y'all, for those who know me know I love talking about relationships weather it be romantic or platonic. I used to talk about them on my show before I primarily started doing interviews but Im on my shit again! lol I think Men and Woman want different things out of a relations and I hope this podcast will help  us to understand each other better. Shoutout to my co-host we always talk about this stuff offline but now we letting yall in. Stay Tuned and tell me what you think?!
- BooM

P.S. Its not 22 minutes long only 8 just uploaded wrong.


Hey Y'all, missed my dope interview with the  Legendary Producer/Rapper  Daz Dillinger and the only and only Big Gipp form Goodie Mob Listen now! comment and share. Till next time Peeeeeeace.


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