BTS Jack Thriller: 16 or Better (NYC)

Jack Thriller's "16 or Better" cypher showcase is one the hottest in the city for emcees to show and prove, always official. This episode hosts included the legendary DJ Red Alert, Vlad from VladTV, Chrissy Monroe from Vh1's Love and Hip-Hop, Rah Digga, DJ Jazzy Joyce, Erick Sermon and more. If you are looking for maximum exposure sign up for the next one and you better come correct or Jack will call yo ass out! #Facts


Symplicity Performs @ Fashion Ave News Event

Caught the "Dolls of R&B" @SymplicityBK this weekend at the Fashion Ave News fashion show at Aloft in Harlem. These talented Sisters Tasia, Shatarr and Starr are ready for the spotlight riding full speed ahead and showing no signs of slowing down. Look out for their feature on Behind the Grynd coming this Spring  and new hit single "Don't Hate"on #iTunes  #StayTuned  Click for more Pics!

T.I on CNN: "Death of our people to end"

Chelsea Reject "So High" ft Atownomas

DJ Nia Boom's Interview with "Puma" from VH1's Black Ink Crew

Shoutout to  "Puma from VH1's "Black Ink Crew" for coming to kick it with us this week. The subject of much controversy on the show lately @Puma213 let us know the real reason why he's upset, what he plans to do next, how he feels about being a "celebrity" and more. #ThaBoomShow

New [Video] Mista Yellow & Chryst Young "Real One"

               New [Official Music Video] Mista Yellow & Chryst Young "Real One"

QTip and Ava Duvernay at Tribeca Film Festival

The 14th annual Tribeca Film Festival which is taking place here in New York City April 15th to April 25th features an array of films and special events highlighting filmmakers, directors, actors and other prolific figures in entertainment and film.  At this conference "Selma" Director and Activist Ava Duvernay and legendary emcee Q-tip discuss how lighting has to be adjusted to capture people of a  color correctly. Wish it wasn't so short...

General Steele - Higher Plane

 Blazin new joint powered by Bucktown USA from @GeneralSteele (Smif-N-Wessun) off his upcoming EP "Space Traveling" Happy #420

#New Skip Rage " I Do This"

          Straight outta Southside Jamaica Queens @SkipRage drops visuals for his latest joint 
"I Do This"

Jack Thriller's "16 or Better" Ep 15

Ciara performs "I Bet" on Live w/ Michael & Kelly

Kendrick Lamar is Engaged! Talks #TPAB, Reebok and Fiancée

Kendrick Lamar has always been low-kay and private about his "love" life. Unlike most celebrities he has never been eager to share who he's laying next to at night. We knew nothing about who Kendrick was dating or dated and most of us were cool with that (especially the ladies, ok especially me.) Wasn't until recently when New York rapper Nitty Scott MC revealed in an interview that she briefly dated the rising Hip-Hop icon that we got a glimpse into the "other" side of Kendrick. However, these days he seems to be entering a new stage in his life and yesterday stealthy revealed on "the Breakfast Club" that he will marry his high school sweetheart and long time girlfriend or as he would say "best friend" Whitney Alford, known to her family as "Whit, Whit.  But you won't find much about Ms. Whitney or shall I say Mrs. Duckworth because she is just as low-key as her soon to be husband. Known for being "down to earth and staying to herself" you won't find a social media page, website or even a youtube video on Whitney.  It's evident she has made a clear effort to stay off the radar and out of range. (not for long though)  However, I did discover Whitney is a singer and actually did some background vocals on Kendrick's latest release "To Pimp a Butterfly's "King Kunta" and "Wesley's Theory".  Yahoo celebrity calls her "the luckiest woman alive". I don't know about luckiest, but Kendrick is definetly  one of the most humble, loyal, smartest, talented men out here. I wish them the best of luck, but I got a feeling they won't need it. The King has crowned his queen… #CongratzKendrick&Whitney 

Jay-Z Visits NYU to talk "Tidal"

Courtesy of
JAY Z: I know everyone thinks “new company, main business competitor is Spotify” but we’re really not here to compete with anyone, we’re actually here to improve the landscape. If just the presence of Tidal causes other companies to have better pay structure, or to pay more attention to it moving forward, then we’ve been successful in one way. So we don’t really view them as competitors. As the tide rises, all the boats rise. SCHLOGEL: The royalty rates will be higher than other services. In addition to that, there won’t be that free tier that’s been depressing the recorded music industry, and frankly been a part of what’s been driving the downfall of the recorded music industry, is that free consumption. Music is not free, fundamentally. Someone came in and produced that beat, someone came in and sang that song, someone wrote that song. Someone came in to clean the studio afterwards. There is an entire ecosystem around this, and we’ve somehow come to believe that it’s okay to pay hundreds for consumer electronics but to pay nothing for the music that helps sell it. It’s around the education process, with that there will higher royalties. And then another point that I want to touch on that’s really important philosophically, not just from a dollars and cents perspective, is the equity ownership. All artists who come in — and this is an open platform, an open invitation — will participate in the equity upside. And that is important, too, because of that participation in the process, by having a board seat, by actually being an owner in this. It’s a different type of involvement.
Courtesy of Global Grind.

Kendrick Lamar - "King Kunta"

So glad Kendrick is back. I really haven't had a chance to write my review on the #TPAB yet but I am so proud that he is black and proud. That he represents not only Hip-Hop but Black community as a whole. He knows the sickness that ails the black community
… The opening line of "Blacker the Berry" makes it clear he knows...
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