Tiffany Maiyon from VH1's Tough Love Live! on NBR 5.21.12

Who is Tiffany Maiyon?

Tiffany may have been Steve's toughest case in boot camp history on VH1's Tough Love Season 4,  but this fashionista is ready to take her career to the next level! After leaving the show for "lying" This down home beauty and plus size Model is currently balancing being a devoted mother of three, modeling, Reality TV and business owner. Tiffany has done plus size runway modeling, appeared in music videos, television talk shows from Tyra Banks, to Dr. Phil and the latest as a Reality star on Season 4 of VH1's Tough Love New Orleans. Additionally, Tiffany Maiyon is the CEO, of Imagine You. An image consulting business that focuses on Celebrity Fashion Styling. Listen to her Live Interview on NiaB!Radio

Follow Her @Vh1s_Tiffany

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