Super Producer Metro Boomin on Shade 45

Producers are usually the additive. The one who provides the artist with the proper tools to be their best selves in the booth, but what happens when the producer begins to outshine the artists. It doesn't happen often but when it does it usually comes in the form of a Timberland, Just Blaze, Dj Premier, Kanye West etc and now Metro Boomin... His name definitely precedes his work and that only happens when your work is so well produced that your name floats around until people are force to ask "Who is this person? Although I wasn't turned on to Metro immediately when I was I realized how extensive his talent is. I like this dude... and not just because of his production value. He is humble, hardworking and talented I think he's gonna be around for a while...  And don't forget if he don't trust you.... haha! Good interview, Salute @StreetzisWatchin #Shade45

NY Fleet DJs + Pusha T + Jimmy Jazz

Yay I got an autograph! yea I'm on my groupie shiiii :) Major Shoutout to Pusha T, GOOD Music and my NY Fleet fam DJ Nsew for rocking out he had the whole catalog! Make sure y'all check out Pusha T's new line "Play Clothes" it's pretty dope. - Nia Boom #SupporttheReal

NY Fleet DJs Live Radio Show : Jaquae

On this month's show we had the pleasure of chopping it up with Harlem's own aka "Mr. My Pieces Hitting" Jaquae. If you have never seen his live performances please catch one asap!  Jaquae is of those unique artist who understands not just the music but he knows who he is as an artist. We had a lot of fun as always!  Amazing energy, definitely one to watch.  #SupporttheReal #NiaBoom #BoomBlog Check out his latest video "My Pieces Hittin"

The Cake Shop - Nai Br.xx performs Live #THC

Goodtimes at The Cake Shop in Manhattan last week and not why you may think : ) I wish there was some cake but I got something so much better,  good music :))) Her voice, as sweeeet as she, Nai Br.xx is so enchanting. An artist you can listen to alllll day. I was introduced to her by the lovely @Leila Ortiz from "The Height Club" #THC it a pleasure meeting both of them.  I also met the beautiful Mova Kween and HipHop artist Kwame Rose, even more dope artists to put on your radar, thank me later :)  #Supporthereal #NiaBoom #NYC


Pharrell Williams MasterClass @ NYU Clive Davis Institute

Pharrell drops jewels at NYU

Antonique Smith Live! at Sob's Sol Village

After my dope radio interview with the phenomenal Antonique Smith a couple weeks ago she invited me to come catch her at Sol Village at SOB's and I'm soooo glad I did. My God this woman is amazing... I got there kind of early and met up with RA ( heyyy RA :) and got a chance to go back stage to meet her before the show. She was soooo sweet and kind and even though she was getting ready she took the time to take a pic with me (ok 3 or 4 and I still didn't get it right smh) but anyhow I was thrilled to be in her presence...

 The night was filled with artisty of all kinds. Issa from the Bronx, Eye of Justo  aka Justo Ontarioand Reesa Renee were some of the other artists that caught my attention (check out their video next :)  but when Antonique hit the stage, it lit up! From the big screen in the movie "Notorious" to Rent on Broadway this multi-talented Grammy Nominated Singer/Actress is someone you definitely need on your radar… Check out her latest release "All we have is Now" and her Grammy Nominated "Hold Up wait a minute"! she will not disappoint #thankmelater. #Supportthereal #ThaBoomShow #DjNiaBoom 

Guns Down, Life Up: NY Fleet DJ's Live DaMatrixStudios

This month we had Jimbo and Jay He Is! from "Guns Down, Life Up. In collaboration with HHC and Swizz Beats as their global ambassador, Guns down Life Up is building a solid and necessary platform for young men and women aiming for a positive life .
We discussed everything from how the initiative began to what they have planned for the future including their upcoming conference and new programs they are implementing. For more information check out @MindSet4Life and #Supportthereal #TuneIn

Revolt Special: Justice for Flint

Janelle Monae, Hannibal Burress, Ledisi, Music Soulchild, Jazmine Sullivan, Royce da 5'9
 Jon Conner, Vic Mensa, Jesse Williams, Jasari X, and more come together to raise money and awareness for the water crisis crippling the city of Flint Michigan. After ignoring several warnings the city's water system and pipes are now completely containment with Lead. Oh and on top of that while trying to fix the massive crisis the city is still charging it's customers for water! Wasn't until 2 days ago that the Mayor decided to stop billing residents. Are they serious? That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in life. Meanwhile the city still owes almost 2 million dollars in legal fees that will come from public money. Although government officials have apologized and admitted failure at all levels of administration the damage is done. Whose to say this won't happen again in any city in America at any time, It's dope these artists came together in support of a great cause. This is not just a problem for the residents of Flint its a wake up call for all of us. - NiA BooM 

Yuna ft. DJ Premiere "Going Places"

Fleet DJ's Music Fest at SXSW

SXSW (South by Southwest) is one the dopest events for creative individuals not only around the country, but around the globe. An annual meeting of music, film, media and the minds behind them. Where industry's independent heavy hitters merge on stages, at film festivals and conferences. Thirty years in the making and the buzz over SXSW has grown increasing louder every year and this year the Worldwide Fleet DJs will make history.

FLEET DJS MUSIC FEST.  is BIGGEST CONCERT happening during SXSW and Spring Break in Austin, Texas at the Historic Victory Grill.  Featured performers are VH1's Love and Hip-hop cast members BBOD, Florida's own 550 Madoff, Stunnabam, and others to be announced!!!  Hosted by DJ Caliroyce and DJ FourPointohh  spinning!!

When talented, unique artists from all over the world gather on one stage I guarantee you, you wont be disappointed. 

It's gonna be a movie, Get your tickets now!

 The Fleet Djs Music Fest

SXSW in Austin, Texas March 16th live performances from 





Boom Show: Grammy Nominated Antonique Smith


It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Antonique earlier this week. As you all can hear she is so cool and down to earth. Altouugh she has been an artist/ performer pretty much all her life I feel like she is just getting started. She can saaang and act and Im sure she got some other talents we don't know about but one things for sure she was made to do this. Make sure ya'll check out her latest Single "All we have is now" written by Emeli Sande and Toby Gad  off her Re-released EP "Love is Everything"  Her voice is so powerful,... beautiful voice, beautiful person be on the look out she's got a lot of dope projects coming up - Stray Tuned :)  #BoomShow

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