Happy Birthday Pimp C!

RIP and Happy Birthday to "Pimp C" he would have been 41 years old today.
"Pimp C be a trill nigga Polo F*ck that Hilfiger, Made myself a Ghetto Star" 

Azealia Calls T.I Coon and Iggy "is not Hip-Hop"

Is Ms. Banks crying?! Damn it aint that deep,  I feel her but Hip-Hop will always belong to us.  What belongs to "us" always will. But it is our responsibility to keep the truth alive by teaching the youth about the accomplishments of African-Americans instead of the ignorance that is being perpetuated. This is by far her most candid interview, I really feel like I got to know her as the artist, not the twitter ranting hot head but I think she's better to redirect her energy. She's aint helping the situation by disrespecting T.I  and his wife. Talk about uplifting the black culture and communities but wanna mock, harass and taunt T.I and his wife? Kind of sounds like she's tryna sell records?. Best she put it in a record and stop attacking people. Just state the facts and keep it moving.  I got much love for Azealia and really don't like seeing her caught up in her emotions like this. Passion is one thing but don't give em everything... 

D'Angelo releases "Black Messiah"

Mr. Brown Sugar himself, D'Angelo has been slowly making his return to his roots and on midnight on September 15th he released his long awaited highly anticipated album "Black Messiah." At first thought you'd think he was referencing religion or calling himself "the savior" but D'angelo says this."It can be easily misunderstood. Many will think it's about religion, Some will jump to the conclusion that I am calling myself the "Black Messiah". For me the title is all about us. It's about the world. It's about an idea we can all aspire to. We should all desire to be a Black Messiah" With features from Quest Love and Qtip I know we will not be disappointed! 

"Whitney" on Lifetime [Trailer]

The Aaliyah Movie left me crossed eye and frustrated but I don't give up easy! so I'ma give Lifetime another chance. I think Yaya got this, well see….
 "Whitney" Premieres Saturday January 17 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Fabolous "Lituation" [Music]

Check out this new single from Faboulous' upcoming album "Young OG" set to drop Christmas Day.  This Digital only album comes just after the Brooklyn rapper signed with Roc Nation. The bass heavy, golden era inspired track is the perfect prelude. Not sure what the hell "Liuation" means but here's what Fab had to say about it.
"This is a word that I've been hearing floating around and I thought, why not make a song out of it? It's really about a situation that can get lit", he said. "You can come into a situation and it can be (calm) and you can turn it up and get it a little lit" ok Fab : /


Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey Speaks about Eric Garner, Mike Brown and Protests

Mos Def is the latest artist to speak out on the grand jury decision involving NYPD officer's deadly chokehold of unarmed Black man, Eric Garner and the protests in Ferguson, Mo and nationwide. Below are two short speeches of the lyricist expressing his thoughts on the recent events…
 What are your thoughts?

MC Lyte: My Point of View

Mc Lyte speaks on the state of Female Emcees.

Tink "Tell The Children"

New! Tink "Tell the Children" Produced by Timberland

Beyonce - 7/11

Ok Bey I see you! and apparently she sees young Hip-hop. The Beat, the flow, the Red Cup Special* it's evident she is paying attention to the young generation (and Jay has seriously rubbed off on her). Not the Bey we're use but one I am starting to get to know. She seems so carefree, fearless and free in this video. Just hope it's genuine and not a ploy to stay relevant. I wanna know one thing though, why is she spinning "while her hands up?"  and seems so obsessed with alcohol, booty and feet. (ok two questions) Love the choreography and the fact that she wasn't afraid to show what a woman's bathroom really looks like! annnd she saved some serious dough cause from the looks of it the whole video was shot in a hotel room. Although I am not sure what she's talking about exactly (program chants) she's apparently fresher than me and can use her foot to make phone calls :O only bey… #711

Dj Nia Boom  

Solange's Sassy, Sexy, Sublime Wedding Weekend

Well, well, well, Ms.  Solange has really out done herself when she wed now  husband Alan Ferguson this past weekend (Sunday Nov 17th)  in New Orleans. From the looks of the stunning shots of their heavenly nuptials Solange was in heavenly Bliss (until she broke out in hives) In front of 100 of  her closet family and friends by her side she shined bright. Congrats to Solange and Alan!

New! DJ Nia Boom Mixtape "Girlz in the Hood"

     Really excited about this project! Female Emcees simply don't get the shine they deserve and it's about time. I spent a lot time choosing the artists and tracks for this mix because I wanted it to be something special not just another mixtape. Njoy and Feel free to leave a comment or share. #SupportArtists  

-Dj Nia Boom 

Audra the Rapper - Gavlyn - Rapsody - Femi - Detroit Che - Jean Grae - 
She is Hip-Hop - Nitty Scott MC 
Jewelz Jalil - SIYA - Sasha Go Hard -  Diamond - Brianna Perry - Lee Mazin
Angel Haze - Nyemiah Supreme - BIA - Snow tha Product 

Kendrick Lamar's Soulful Performance on SNL

It's no secret Kendrick Lamar is not one for the spotlight. He has been M.I.A for the last year or so buried in the studio working on his highly anticipated 2nd studio
album. However, according to a recent interview with Power 105's the Breakfast club Kendrick states Top Dawg, his mentor and CEO of TDE made him do it: thanks Top Dawg. Who knows how long Kendrick would hibernate. Either way with the release of "I" and "Pay for it" records with label mate Jay Rock Kendrick has no doubt made his return evident. More notably with his latest performance on this past week's Saturday Night Live 11/15/14. With a look of distress and black contact lens Kendrick's appearance was dramatic, dark and far from the positive attributes we know him for. It was clear he came with a deeper message, he came to capture your soul. He is not a rapper he an artist and wants to make sure we never forget that. I can't say this was one of my favorite performances but I am anticipating his album even more.

Azizah Diamond Up Close & Personal

Tune in and Catch my Interview "Azizah Diamond" Live Monday November 24th 11pm #ThaBoomShow

Dj Nia Boom Interviews Brooklyn Emcee "12 G"

Tonite 11pm! Tune In and catch my interview with up and coming Brooklyn Emcee "12G"
Listen Now!

#TBT T.I - "Whatever you Like"

T.I - "Whatever you Like" Shoutouts to Reagan Gomez! 

Wale - "TANN" [Teaser]

After much controversy, most notably with NBA Commentator and Complex Magazine and recently with label mate Meek Mill, Wale has been in a somewhat contemplative state and his new project is definetely a reflection of that. With the help and influence of his mentor none other than Emmy award winning producer and comedian Jerry Seinfield, Wale decided to call his new album "the Album about nothing". Personally I think Wale is a great Artist but I agree with him, his fans are disconnected hopefully this new project can reverse that. I'll admit I am super anxious to see what the hell Jerry gone do on M-I-C - DJ Nia Boom

Ja Rule 'Follow The Rules' Reality Show [Teaser]

Get More:

Ja Rule is the latest rapper to add reality T.V star to his resume. Ja Rule and his family take their antics to the small screen in their new reality show "Follow the Rules" that will premiere on MTV. Executive Produced by rap mogul Irv Gotti and Media Powerhouse, Queen Latifah the show will follow Rule, His wife Aisha, their kids and Rule's mother and mother-in-law as they go through the ups and downs of life with a Hip-Hop superstar. Looks like it's will be worth watching lets see… and be on the lookout, mark my words Remy Ma and Paposee will be next...

Jesse Williams "Mike Brown is one of many"

[Teaser] SisterHood of Hip-Hop Premieres! Aug 12th on Oxygen

Once again it's on! Tomorrow Oxygen debuts my newest guilty pleasure "Sisterhood of Hip-Hop". Executive produced by T.I "Sisterhood of Hip-Hop"is set to be the next big thing in Reality TV. The sneak preview is a perfect teaser of what we can expect from these 5 aspiring Female Emcees. I already have my favorites but think Nyemiah, Bia and Siya will be the breakout Stars. I can't front I'm geeked. Not because it's hip-hop oriented but because we need more females reppin' the culture. Back in the day we had Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Monie Love at the same damn time.  Now it seems only one or two female emcees can top the charts. Check your local listings and make sure you support this show! Let's just hope they keep Hip-Hop. Follow +Nyemiah Supreme , @BiaBrokeMyHeart@SIYA,  @BRiANNAtheYRB @DiamondAtl

Dj Nia Boom

Eric Garner: Death Ruled Homicide by NYPD

This is one of the most heartbreaking stories I have ever heard in my life and honestly, it absolutely disgust me. I was out about in the city, celebrating my birthday when I first heard about the death of Eric Garner. Needless to say it really put shit in perspective. I took a moment of silence then thought... wait a minute. He was killed!? How does a man go from trying to stop a fight to being murdered in broad daylight by the police. Then I thought about Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing"and how "Radio Raheem" was killed in the same exact way. I remembered how distraught I was when I saw that scene and couldn't believe it was happening in real life.  Just minutes before Garner was subdued by police he was said to have broken up a fight between 2 men, but officers claim he was selling "Loosies" (cigarettes) and attempted to arrest him. That's when Garner exclaimed "Not today. Why are y'all always bothering me!" But they proceeded to arrest him, illegally. First off they had no business attempting to arrest him when they didn't even read him his rights! Second, the practice of placing someone in a chokehold was prohibited from use by the department in 1993 so why in the hell are these officers not, as my mother would say "under the jail"?

Daniel Pantaleo

To top it all off they (the 4 Cops) then wrestled Garner to the ground and  Officer Daniel Pantaleo 29,  placed him in a tight chokehold and although Garner repeatedly exclaimed "I can't breathe" Pantaleo never stopped, he never let go. He instead continued to push Garner's face further into the concrete while other officers stood by, watched and did nothing. Can someone, anyone tell me how any of this makes sense. How in the hell can you kill someone, have a medical examiner deem it homicide and not go to jail?  How could you continue to choke someone, depleting their oxygen and it not be murder! Oh wait never mind its called being a "Cop." As a matter of fact I can't recall any case where law enforcement was actually held accountable for killing innocent, unarmed persons. The acts of these officers were absolutely, unwarranted and unnecessary. They behaved like irrational, cold hearted animals. Eric Garner was a human being. Criminal or not he,  no, all of us need to be treated with respect, period. Thus far the EMT's who were called to the scene and did absolutely nothing to save Garner's life were suspended and the Cops were placed on desk duty, yes desk duty?!@# not fired and convicted like they have should have been. The EMT's weren't even the ones who committed the crime and this isn't the first offense for Pantaleo. An eight year veteran of the NYPD, was previously sued numerous times for violating civilian rights. In one case he and the city were sued by two men who claimed Pantaleo and another officer illegally stripped searched them. The city eventually settled and paid the two men a total of $30,000 (which of course came from taxpayer money). I never understand why us taxpayers have to pay for the criminal acts of government official  They want us to forget. They want us to think this is a coincidence and to ignore what has clearly been done to Garner and to other innocent victims but we can't and shouldn't... We have to address the inhumane actions brought forth by an institution that is suppose to protect and serve us. The NYPD and other policing agencies need to understand they DO NOT have to be abusive to people. That detaining criminals is not an opportunity to take our their frustrations. This is 2014 people there are better ways of subduing a perpetrator than choking them to death. I think we should all have the right to defend ourselves against ANYONE trying to harm us, cop or not.  -

Dj Nia Boom


[Official Video] Janelle Monae - "Electric Lady"

Janelle Monae - "Electric Lady"

BOOM! Spotlight Feature: Desiree McKinney

BOOM! SpotLight: Desiree McKinney

This Month's BOOM! Spotlight feature is Model, Actress and Singer Desiree McKinney. Based in Houston Texas, This triple threat is blazing a trail that is leading her all the way to the top. She has been featured in a variety of commercials,  shorts and full-length films the latest being "ZombeX" which was just picked up in LA, where she plays a zombie killer.  She has also had a recurring role on NBC's Friday Night Lights as "Chante" and Disney's "As the Bell Rings" as "Desiree. Her passion and drive is evident as she spreads her talent across entertainment's landscape. See Desiree's Resume Here.
Her latest EP " A Squares Daughter" is a revelation of her being Daddy's little girl but also a woman who is relentless and determine to live her dreams. Her Music has been featured on major networks including Oxygen's Bad Girl's Club.

She's shot with world renowned photographers including Simon Gentry who has shot for Vogue and other publications. Her electric, outgoing, fun personality is undeniable and her resume is a true reflection of her determination to succeed and trust me she will... Follow her +Desiree Mckinney  @DesireeMcKinney and remember who told you she was next!


-Dj Nia Boom

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