Azealia Calls T.I Coon and Iggy "is not Hip-Hop"

Is Ms. Banks crying?! Damn it aint that deep,  I feel her but Hip-Hop will always belong to us.  What belongs to "us" always will. But it is our responsibility to keep the truth alive by teaching the youth about the accomplishments of African-Americans instead of the ignorance that is being perpetuated. This is by far her most candid interview, I really feel like I got to know her as the artist, not the twitter ranting hot head but I think she's better to redirect her energy. She's aint helping the situation by disrespecting T.I  and his wife. Talk about uplifting the black culture and communities but wanna mock, harass and taunt T.I and his wife? Kind of sounds like she's tryna sell records?. Best she put it in a record and stop attacking people. Just state the facts and keep it moving.  I got much love for Azealia and really don't like seeing her caught up in her emotions like this. Passion is one thing but don't give em everything... 

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