The Boom Sessions: Interview with Lord Ju!


    Whats good ya'll! I recently got a chance to chop it up with Boston Rapper "Lord Ju" @itslordju and I must say it was a pleasure... She's down to earth, REAL and full of natural talent...Lord Ju has all the attributes it takes to make it in this game. Check out my dope interview with her and don't forget to hit that like and Share! - Boom 




Heey What's good ya'll this week I'm releasing an interview I did with Celebrity Super Producer Drumma Boy Fresssssh Ayea Boooy! I won't lie I was geeked. Drumma Boy has produced for pretty much everybody whose anybody and some of my favorite joints like Jeezy's "Standing Ovation" and "Put On" ft Kanye West to name a few and I do mean a few...  D Boy Fresh has also made his way into film and recently released his signature Drum kit! We talked about the Pandemic, House of Fresh, New Music and more. I have to say although I was hella nervous this interview was one of my favorites hopefully we hear that Mary Jane flip soon ;) , Thanks Drumma Boy Appreciate Cha!- BOOM 



Hey Whats good yall, Its a been a minute but I'm back on my BS haha! Nah but I recently got a chance to  chop it up with Hip-Hop/R&B Artist "WONDR" I had never heard about him and must say I pleasantly surprised. Great Energy,  Smooth Sound and positive vibes all the way around. We talked about the pandemic, collaborating with other artists and stalking! haha nah but we discussed quite a few things. Thank you to WONDR and ShaePR for the link. Check it out let me know what you think leave a comment!

Solange " When I get Home"

How did I miss this.... Solange is such a vibe this whoooooole cut is an exquisite example of the beauty of being black XO -Boom 

Zaytoven: NPR TLD Dopeness

I was preparing for my interview when I came across this and damn This is IT. Wow I had chills the entire time. Special Salute to the Queen on the Flute super dope performance, had to post this up SALUTE Zay! (I don't know him like that yet, but it sounded good :) Don't miss my interview with him Monday June 8th 8pm. 


Zaytoven: keys; Neil Garrard: guitar; Elena Pinderhughes: flute; DJ Spinz: DJ; Bernard "TreWay" Lambert: drums

Femcee Mash up the DECADE!

 I can't belive this is not a "real" song. Could you imagine all these ladies on one record wait no need because Raheem D did if for you. Dope very dope. Aside from the hyper sexual images this is a super dope video and ladies are absolute perfection. I had to put this us because although the title is a little contradrictory of the actions and images in the video. It also has an air of women empowerment.

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