J Holiday & Jon B the HighLine BallRoom NYC

I always like to celebrate my Birfday! Some people shy away from gettin older but I embrace it and I  take it very seriously. So when I got invited to the HighLine BallRoom on July 16th to see J Holiday AND Jon B both whom I've had the pleasure of Interviewing on my show, I was geeked. These Grammy Nominated R&B Superstars were my favorites in the 90's and they still got it. Dynamic and engaging J Holiday gave the ladies exactly what we like :) and Jon sang all his hits plus some cuts from Marvin Gaye and Hall and Oates. I am an 80's baby at my core so 90's R&B will always live in my heart, always... Salute to these 2 phenomenally talented individuals. If the video is shaky my bad I was turned a llll the way up! haha but I had to get some video for my peoples.

HBD! to all my Cancer Babies #WeRunShit
 DjNia Boom

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