Tiny & T.I "What the F@^k You Gon’ Do?"

Damn, Tiny and T.I have been goin through it.  First rumors T.I got his manager pregnant and was dating his protege "Iggy Azalea" then he goes for Floyd Mayweather at Fatburger then Floyd claims he slept with Tiny (which I hope is a lie) and now T.I and Tiny  have taken it to the studio. Both have dropped singles prompting the question what is really goin on!? Watching T.I and Tiny's Family Hustle I have to admit there does seems to be a lack of passion in their relationship but there is no doubt they love each other. T.I's track "Stay" is a sentimental tribute and Tiny's "what the F*ck you gon do" is well, self explanatory. When a women's fed up… I wish them both the best. I love love and hope they can work through this if not for them for their beautiful family only time will tell… - Nia Boom

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