Kendrick Lamar Gets the Torch #HiiPower

Good Kid, Madd City Kendrick Lamar is already a living legend #HesReal

Dj Nia Boom Interviews R&B Singer "Steve Frazier"

Don't Miss! the Return of #MusikMondays with Special Guest "Steve Frazier" 
Live May 26th 9p Et 

#New Joseline Hernandez [Video] “Been Getting Money” Ft. Cap 1

  Love and Hip-Hop Atlaanta start Joseline Hernandez is known  more for her sexual abilities than her  musical abilities and it is evident in her efforts on this project why that is... I so hope this isn't her best effort. I watched the video with an open mind,  I really tried to give her the benefit. But I honestly couldn't even see it all the way through. I think she could have done way better than this. What is this!? What is a Folly lol? She's not even rapping.  On the flip side the beat is ight, typical trap. I like the hook too, catchy and most definitely fits her extravagant persona. - Dj Nia BooM

"Pills N Potions" [Audio] Nicki Minaj

WTH this is not what I was expecting for the first single. Eh NEXT. P.S I got new beats on the way and after hearing this one I think I can quit my day job : /  - DJ Nia BooM 

[New] Trailer "On the Run"

Amidst all the controversy surrounding the beat down in the elevator, Jay-Z and Beyonce have released the trailer for their new "On the Run" Tour which kicks off June 25th in Miami and ends End Aug 6th in San Francisco. I won't be attending because I'm not rich but I am starting to question the coincidence of the fight and the upcoming tour Hmmmm...and What about NY! why would they not come to New York... That aint right everybody don't wanna travel to "Joysey" HaHa - Nice to see a couple on they grind tho #SALUTETHEHUSTLE - NIA BOOM

[New Music] Amil "What a Ride"

[Video] Redman - Dunfiato #NEW

NEW!REDMAN "Dunfiato" #BOOMBLOGPOST I luv me some Redman <3

#FBF Kendrick Lamar Dubb CNN 2007 [Interview]

#FlashBackFriday Kendrick Lamar Dubb CNN 2007 [Interview]
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