Swizz Beats throws Alicia Keys' Pajama Birthday Party!

Swizz Beats really out did himself when he threw his wife Alicia Keys a "House Party" themed birthday party including the cast of the original feature. Kid n Play, Tisha Campbell and Adrienne- Joi Johnson. They are so cute together HBD Alicia! 

Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Large Professor

Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Large Professor perform at VICE 20th Anniversary

Nia Boom chats with Radio Veteran "Terri Avery"

Terri Avery is a 25-year veteran of the radio business, Inspirational speaker and author. She started her career at WWRL in New York City as an intern and became an assistant music director. She worked part time on the air until her career took her to Dallas where she worked as a midday on-air personality at KKDA-FM, later becoming music director and then assistant program director. From there she went to KKDA and added more credits to her resume before going on to KMJQ in Houston Texas and became program director. She then return to KKDA as Operations manager and entertainment reporter for the "Tom Joyner Morning show".  Soon after she became the Director of Programming for Radio One.

After a 6 year break Terri went to work at the National Association of Broadcasters in Washington, DC
and then got recruited to work for Davis Broadcasting in Columbus, GA as program director of WFXE, WOKS, and WKZJ.Terri was then asked to join CBS Radio in Charlotte to be Program director for WBAV and a year later she was promoted to Program director over three urban stations in Charlotte, WPEG, WBAV and WGIV.
Bill Schoening, the Marketing Manager then promoted Terri to Operations manager/Program director over the three urban stations.

She is the recipient of the Living Legends Foundation's award for her many achievements in radio and of the  first annual MIW (Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio) Achievement in Programming Award. She was also recently named one of "The Best Programmers" in the country for Radio Ink.

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Terri Avery about her new book Urban Birthday Beats, her work as an Inspirational speaker and her magnificent career in radio.

Nia Boom: How did the idea to write the book come about?

Terri Avery: Being a creative Program director, I would always be looking up information on the artists I played on the radio. Todays show prep services let you know when someones Birthday is, but I needed a source that I could go to to know that birthday ahead of time. hence..Urban Birthday Beats. its a complete list of your favorite recording artists birthdays.

Terri Avery Who are some of the entertainers that are featured in the Book? Listed are artists like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Drake, ol’ school artists like Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, by the way, also lists his death date.

Nia Boom What are you hoping to accomplish with the Book?

Terri Avery Two fold, it’s a great tool for radio, TV, producers and programmers so that you can prepare for a show knowing its an artists birthday. you can do music specials, create a virtual birthday card, etc. Then for just regular folks, you could see who you share a birthday with all for fun.

Nia Boom: Are you doing any Tours, whats next for you?

Terri Avery: The POP Star birthday Beats book has just been released. I’m trying to plan a book tour now but, with my hectic schedule, it might just be in the southeast for now.

Nia Boom: Any Last words?

Terri Avery: Get the book, even if you’re not in the entertainment industry, you’ll have fun with i

Nia Boom:How can people get in touch with you? you can go to my website  terriavery.com, I’m also an inspirational speaker!

Click to Listen to the full Interview and purchase Urban Birthday Beats! on Amazon or Kindle and look out for Pop Birthday Beast 

Jack Thriller presents 16 or Better!

This is one of the dopest platforms for artist right now. Raw and uncut hiphop 16 or better is official. If your an artist on the come up make sure you register for the next one! 16orbetter@gmail.com and shoutout to Jack Thriller always shown mad luv #16orBetter #JackThriller #ThrillerGang #HipHop #NiaBoom #Smangie 

NJ Cop Kills Unarmed Black Man

This video is on beyond disturbing and really shows the psychological deviance that the majority of police officers patrolling the streets of America suffer from. They are scared! and although they should be why take a job you can't do! I just don't get it and although the video is fairly clear there are a couple things I don't understand like why did officer Days wait until the passenger got out the car to shoot the to shoot him. Why were they struggling in the car? And what made the man want to get out of the car? What are your thoughts? what would you have done? 

Free Protools!!

Right now you can sign up for updates for when Pro Tools First will be available. I'm excited to see what it can do.[Avid]

Wilough - 'Interdimensional Tesseract'

#New MixTape from Willow Smith -  'Interdimensional Tesseract'

Tracy T. - Choppas (Ft. Boosie Badazz)

[Video] Big Gipp - "Paradise Life"

#New Big Gipp - "Paradise Life"

[Video] Jay IDK - "Hungry" Prod. by MarcnFinit

[Audio] Previously Unreleased Interview w/ 2Pac & Jim Belushi

Check out this jewel. Previously unreleased audio of an interview that 2Pac and Jim Belushi did to promote their upcoming movie at the time, "Gang Related". In the interview Pac talks about his will to survive stating "Nobody's gonna give me the breath out of their mouth for them to live longer, so therefore I'm not giving anybody the breath out of my mouth for them to live longer.  Ironically the interview took place 3 weeks before Pac's untimely death. It is a little long and Tupac doesn't come in until around 2:05 but it is fascinating. It doesn't seem as though Pac was even suppose to be doing the interview but I'm glad he did. Nice to hear his voice outside of a track. #RIPPac

"Ethiopian Hipsters"

In the Omo Valley of Ethopia, a young generation of trend setters caught the eye of photographer, Alex Franco. Blending western ideas with native functions and colorful media these kids are not only crossing fashion lines their crossing gender lines.

As Alex states, "there is no division between being very masculine or feminine." Where ever you look you'll see an amazing pose an amazing look." I think this is where Young Thug gets his inspiration.

-Nia Boom, Courtesy of BBC

Smif N' Wessun 'Dah Shinin' 20th Anni @SOBSNYC

It was an honor to be apart of Hip-Hop history last night as Smif n' Wessun celebrated 20 years since the release of their debut album "Dah Shinin". The line to get in was around the corner and it was 20 degrees! That says a lot about Smif n Wessun and Duck Down Records as unit they continue to grow and prosper. The crowd was crazy hype and filled with heads who have supported Smif n' Wessun since day 1. Special Guests included Tony Touch, Fame (MOP), Black Rob, Sean Price and none other than Wendy Williams and DJ Boof. Beatminerz Radio was also in the Building and of course DJ Evil Dee did the damn thang! Overall a Dope Show #Respect SmifNWessun 20 years and counting….

Sarfaree at Power 105.1 - The Breakfast Club

I feel sorry for Sarfaree /Scaff Beezy but they might still be together he stopped sucking his damn teeth and smacking his lips! Ugh super annoying… N E Ways, Sorry Sarfaree you were not Nicki's man you we're her "Do Boy". She played you. She probably got maaadd love you for you but she is about her business and if she loved you like THAT the whole world would know. Glad he let it go good for him,  Good Luck Safaree!

[Video] Common & John Legend "Glory" From "SELMA"

Instant Classic...
Common & John Legend did an outstanding job channeling the spirit and heart of the people and the time.                        

Skip Rage "I Do This"

#PressPlay New Joint from Skip Rage "I Do This" Produced by Fame School Slim 

SevYn Streeter - "Don't Kill the Fun"

@MzChampagne "BADMAN"

Check out this hot new "turn up" from @MzChampagne 
 "BADMAN" produced by: Fire Hazard Productions.

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