Smif N' Wessun 'Dah Shinin' 20th Anni @SOBSNYC

It was an honor to be apart of Hip-Hop history last night as Smif n' Wessun celebrated 20 years since the release of their debut album "Dah Shinin". The line to get in was around the corner and it was 20 degrees! That says a lot about Smif n Wessun and Duck Down Records as unit they continue to grow and prosper. The crowd was crazy hype and filled with heads who have supported Smif n' Wessun since day 1. Special Guests included Tony Touch, Fame (MOP), Black Rob, Sean Price and none other than Wendy Williams and DJ Boof. Beatminerz Radio was also in the Building and of course DJ Evil Dee did the damn thang! Overall a Dope Show #Respect SmifNWessun 20 years and counting….

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