Meet the Oldest 4yr Old "Bank Roll" PJ

Meet 4yr old Phenom "Bankroll PJ" from Atlanta GA. PJ is probably the oldest 4 year old you have ever come across and might be the youngest to "break the internet". There are some really, smart and funny kids in the world then there's PJ. He is turned up! might be a little too turned up, talking about "He a Hot MF" at least that's what I think he said. His southern accent is already as heavy as his soul is old.  PJ is not one to hold back and let us know a couple things he got "two" girlfriends, he get's A's and B's and oh "he gets money" "real hunnids". PJ is about to take over the world and thanks to the internet we get a front row seat. I mean he is really having a conversation with a man 5 times his age. Alright now PJ I see you, but don't grow up too fast...

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