#HRDCVR feat. Danyel Smith & Elliott Wilson | @xHRDCVRx

"It's a Multi-stream, its not a Main Stream" a one time only event, be apart of ====>

Get to know #HRDCVR, it represents the many cultures and ideas that comprise the diverse world we live in. A beautifully designed especially made music magazine-book created by industry heavy hitters Danyel & Elliot Wilson this will be an event, not just a release. Danyel and Elliot's resume speaks volumes, they are essential to the game and I consider them "Music Biz Guru's". From XXL to Rap Radar, features on VH1 and MTV they are like the Bey and Jay, Music Media moguls. Cultivated by a team of diverse professionals from all over the world #HRDCVR will be an exclusive one time release and may very well revolutionize the print publications. Can't wait… #StayTuned

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