Trinidad James on the "N Word" CNN with Don Lemon

Where my lucky Charms?! lol ok got that out my system…
Now honestly, do rappers/artists think people are not going to recite the words to their songs? Isn't that part of the goal. Looks like CNN caught wind that rappers and controversial topics equal high ratings (2 Chainz + Nancy Grace). N E Ways I honestly wasn't expecting much from Mr. James and although he looks unmagicaly delicious, he seems to be making sense. He understands that when he uses the "N" word he can't get mad at someone else, black or white using it. You get back what you put out. You cannot tell someone they can't be apart of a culture because they are of a certain race, ethnicity or gender orientation. Even if we, black people feel we have a right to use the word we cannot regulate who can and cannot use it, no matter how crazy they look : /  The truth is everyone, not black that says "Nigga" it is not a racist they just sound like one ; )

-Nia Boom

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