Nia Boom chops it up with Ras Kass!

Got a chance to chop it up with West Coast Hip-Hop legend Ras Kass! in NYC last week about his latest album Intellectual Property S0I2 (Soul on Ice 2), Why using different producers are important, the status of Hiphop today and more. Special shoutout to J Blanc! and Avendia in the village very dope spot look forward to going back... #BoomGotu 

Behind the Grynd Ep. 5 - Sky Zoo

Behind the Grynd Episode 5, it's here! This time I chopped it with Brooklyn Emcee/ Writer the prolific, dynamic and always relevant, Sky Zoo. It is always a pleasure to sit down with dope individuals such as Sky but I was most definitely honored to have this opportunity. We talked about everything from how it felt growing up on the same block as Biggie to what he finds most attractive about a woman, to signing with Duck Down and more. We also discussed his latest project with Detroit based producer Apollo Brown "The Easy Truth" which is becoming my favorite album of the year. Like seriously, I cant stop listening to it. The whole album is so well produced but Visionary Riches, Nodding Off, They Park a Bentley on the Corner and Care Packages are on repeat. Salute to Sky Zoo definitely one of the dopest lyricist in this game, great interview! Make sure yall cop "The Easy Truth" available where music is sold... thank me later ; ) 




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