DJ Nia Boom - New Mixx!!! - HeadBop HipHop 828

Check out my latest Mixx! featuring Big L, Computa, Booke, TI, Young Dro,  KRS 1, Redman, Jadakiss, Styles P and more. Njoy ~

SisterHood of Hip-Hop S2EP8

Like I said when this series first came out, it is sooo necessary. When I watch this show I am proud not only to be a woman but an artist as well. The struggle is REAL and to watch others go through the same trials and manage to succeed is not only inspirational its admiral. I have learned so much about myself on my journey to success and one of the most important is if you want something, I mean really want something you have to live and breathe it EVERYDAY. It's not what you do, it's who you are.... Cangrats to all the ladies on this show proud of ya'll #UNITY - DJ Nia Boom 

NiaBoom: @SymplicityBK "Don't Hate" [Official Music Video]

4th Annual Fleet DJs Music Conference!!

DJ Nia Boom & CEO of Fleet Djs Klassik

Fleet Artist @JustQueenBrittany
Fleet DJs Music Conference 2015
This years Fleet DJs Music Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina was so official. There were soo many dope artists, DJs, Producers, Models, Photographers etc. I was excited! to see my fleet fam and to see everybody doing they thang. There were so many events going on so I wasn't able to check out all of them. I did however, get a chance to go to a couple listening sessions one with up and coming artist @Jaquae performing his hot new single "Eddie Kane". Be Howard @Behoward216 also performed his banger "Buckets". It was so great to be in the presence of passionate artists who truly enjoy doing what they do. Shoutout to Klassik CEO for his leadership and supporting me and the rest of the fleet He keeps us Fleet tizit! (in my scrappy voice) I still need my shirt though : /  I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Shoutout and salute to #DJReRe #DJMark #DJSKinny #DJDellmatic #DJPrudiciatable #Jacque #Alexis Redd #DJTimeko #Firstclassethemodel #Tommy2face #DJTwiss #Behoward #DJTopTen #DJSeanMoney #DJMusicRocka #DJBellaJ #DJOS #DJMosPrecious #DJSwurv and many more I didn't get a chance to meet Salute to the entire fleet till next year #SupporttheReal!

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