Raine Wilder Live! on NBR

Raine Wilder 

is an up and coming Toledo native and  Hip Hop artist with a Punk Rock edge. He has been writing songs for 15 years and is set to release his latest project" WildFire" March 26, 2013. Raine says his music is not quite Hip-Hop  or Pop but a fusion of his passion, whatever that maybe. Wilder takes his game to the next level, as he seems determined to do. His rhymes reveal a man who is ready to claim success. Raine has already shared the stage with acts such as Mike Posner, The Game, Coolio, GZA from Wu-Tang Clan, Kanye West’s protégé Big Sean, Three Six Mafia’s artist Lil Wyte, Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly, and the list goes on.

DJ Nia B 

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