Sanaa Lathan x Dej Loaf = Emotional

And she sings? The beautiful, talented actress, producer and now recording artist, Sanaa Lathan teamed up with producer Detail and one of the hottest new female emcees Dej Loaf for an "emotional" track for Lathan's new film, "The Perfect Guy.

The track was inspired by Micheal Ealy's character in the movie who is in essence a crazy ass stalker. Who knew Sanaa had pipes. I mean she's no Whitney (but who is) but she definitely surprised me. I wasn't expecting her to use the N-word let alone from the beginning setting the tone for a raw, unedited version of her feeling towards "sensitive men"

I thought she was all about that sensitive shit but she is expressing the complete opposite in this song. Stating "I don't really deal with emotional n*ggas. and stop checking on her. Talking about getting her hair pulled and all. It's a smooth track and displays another side of Lathan that most of us are probably not used to or ready for but I think this might be the first of many for Sanaa.

Dej made for the perfect collab with her soft/hard edge she compliented the song very well.  - DJ Nia Boom 

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