Desiree McKinney Live 6/24/13

Desiree McKinney was born in Houston TX began her love for the camera in a middle school Introduction to Broadcasting class where she vowed that she would never want to be in front of the camera. Within a year she was anchoring broadcasts, singing in the church choir working for Disney channel's "As the bell rings" she is actively pursuing opportunities to work on both sides of the camera lens. She got involved with a girl group to polish her musical talent and began singing in the choir.
The group went they're separate ways and Desiree started her EP. The name of the EP is "A Square's Daughter" 4 songs completed(attached) and is working closely with Christopher "Le" Holloway a new up and coming song writer who's written for Lady Gaga, J-lo, and The Dream. But all for songs are written by Desiree. Taken was recorded with Amy Miller, and it will be played on Bad Girls Club. "Dirty Desiree" gets played in european night clubs overseas. The video for "Nina Brown" is done.
Her early years focused on exploring many avenues of television and film production while dabbling in other creative forms of expression in modeling, singing, hosting, dancing, and writing. Succeeding in Acting as Cheaunte on NBC's Friday Night lights, featuring and co staring in music videos and movies called "A Gang land love story" with Trae tha Truth, Chingo Bling, and two songs with Ami Miller from BET's 106 and Park, a horror film Zombex as a trained killer along side actors with credentials from Denzel Washington and Johnny Depp movies. These experiences have resulted in a well rounded persona that extends beyond the limits of any media.

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