Antonique Smith Live! at Sob's Sol Village

After my dope radio interview with the phenomenal Antonique Smith a couple weeks ago she invited me to come catch her at Sol Village at SOB's and I'm soooo glad I did. My God this woman is amazing... I got there kind of early and met up with RA ( heyyy RA :) and got a chance to go back stage to meet her before the show. She was soooo sweet and kind and even though she was getting ready she took the time to take a pic with me (ok 3 or 4 and I still didn't get it right smh) but anyhow I was thrilled to be in her presence...

 The night was filled with artisty of all kinds. Issa from the Bronx, Eye of Justo  aka Justo Ontarioand Reesa Renee were some of the other artists that caught my attention (check out their video next :)  but when Antonique hit the stage, it lit up! From the big screen in the movie "Notorious" to Rent on Broadway this multi-talented Grammy Nominated Singer/Actress is someone you definitely need on your radar… Check out her latest release "All we have is Now" and her Grammy Nominated "Hold Up wait a minute"! she will not disappoint #thankmelater. #Supportthereal #ThaBoomShow #DjNiaBoom 

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