Nick Grant - Black Sinatra - #BKHipHopFest

It was the 12th annual #BKHipHopFest this past weekend in NY which is always lit but even more so this year because I had the pleasure of meeting this dope individual. I'll admit I was a little late on this one as I just got put on a couple months ago but as soon as I heard his voice I knew he was something different, something special. In a world of Futures and Young Thugs, Nick Grant is a minty breathe of fresh air... With Jason Geter behind his movement, Nick is well on his way to greatness. "Window Seat" was one of the first joints I heard and immediately knew he was a lyricist, not a rapper. Someone who is delicate with his words and demeanor.  Someone who understands and truly respects the art of hiphop. His latest release "Black Sinatra" is classy, poetic, pure hiphop  South Cacklacky you say lol. Yup but reminiscent of Nas, Nick Grant may just be hiphop's next savior #younglegend #BlackSinatra #NickGrant #NiaBoom

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