ThrowBack Joint Ashanti "Foolish"

Ah yes the first lady of Murder Inc. Ms Ashanti @Ashanti  Singer, Songwriter,  Actress she was the R&B Princess of the early 2000's. She's worked with everybody from Mary J to Sheryl Crow. Just recently while studying the Ashanti Tribe of Ghana for an assignment.  I found that Ashanti was named after the warrior tribe. Her mother named her that because the Ashanti tribe of Ghana is a matriarchal society. Meaning the women are seen as powerful, strong and influential and Ashanti is just that. When she stepped on scene she made us all look and listen. I know you remember "Foolish" one of the first videos that was like a mini movie. I loved it. Although there was a lot of controversy about her receiving a "certain" award she has proven she is not only a phenomenal singer/ songwriter she cares about her community and gives back in many ways. Ashanti is currently working on a Studio Album on her Newly formed Record Label "Written Entertainment"

DJ Nia B.

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