#OnBlast Donald Sterling Tells GF "Stop Hanging"... (Audio)

When I first heard about Donald Sterling's comments I thought, typical. Yea I said it. It's sad but it's unfortunately not surprising that a man of his composition would feel that way. What was surprising was that one, he was recorded saying it and 2 he's dating a "black woman"! and he doesn't want her hanging around or promoting her association with black people? He is a confused individual and I actually feel sorry for him and his ignorant friends because they seem to be the real antagonists. To be a man in such a prestigious position he seems to lack simple common sense and has minimal intellect. I hope truth continues to prevail and we hear more about what people really think. That's the only way we can even attempt to resolve anything… We have to first acknowledge it… and to think he almost received an NAACP Award smh...

-Nia Boom

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