Old DJ's vs. New DJ's [Video]

This brother is right on point! Don't get me wrong I 100% respect Dj's who spin vinyl and enjoy the vintage sound and feel myself. I understand how old school Dj's feel. Shit I'd be pissed if I had to carry around heavy ass crates, turntables, speakers etc. However, bashing or calling DJ's of the Digital era fake because they don't use vinyl does not make you a better DJ. It makes you a bitter DJ (Wham, Wham). No matter what the situation - putting someone down never makes you any better. Instead try extending a hand. I never want the art of Djing to dissipate so it's vital that all Dj's unite no matter the method of expression. If you are passionate about the art the skill will follow. So to all the veteran Dj's stop it. Get off your high horse and understand things evolve but that doesn't mean you have to. 

-Nia Boom 

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