Alessia Cara @ Power 105 PowerHouse Pre-Party

After going back and forth on whether I  should even go, I decided to ignore my exhaustion and hit up the Power 105.1 PowerHouse Pre-Party at Club 42 in the city. I thought the line was gonna be bananas because of the line up but thank God, I was wrong (I hate standing in lines).

After meeting up with
some of my NY Fleet fam we parked on the left side of the stage and at just the perfect time; She was just about to hit the stage. I wanted to see all the performances but reeeally wanted to see Alessia. Her hit song "Here" had me hypnotized ever since I first heard it  2 weeks ago on Vh1 at 4 in the morning. I hurried and scrambled to get my camera and get up close and personal with this new phenom. I struggled to get stable (definitely no room for my tripod)  but was grateful I got to see anything at all as I almost didn't make it. As soon as she hit the stage she was instantly captivating and the audience's reaction was proof.

They were in love and so was I. Which made it even harder to shoot this event (so please excuse my shakiness). I wanted to enjoy her and also wanted to capture her essence. Her simple, yet powerful presence was so refreshing. No make-up, no heels, weave, nails, eyelashes none of the extra shit just the music... I was impressed not because she has a great voice (there are plenty of those) she was just different. She has IT, she got the juice and I was drinking it all up and ready for more. I am excited about her and looking forward to watching her journey and maybe be blessed to interview her one day and tell her thanks for "Here", I needed that….

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