J Cole:Road to Homecoming HBO Documentary Ep.1

J Cole and HBO have partnered for a 5 part Docu-series about the prolific Hip-Hop Artist as he promotes his latest certified platinum album "2014 Forest Hills Drive. The series follows Cole through  touring, live performances and behind the scenes footage. If you know me you know I'm not the biggest J. Cole fan. He's is great talent; rapper, producer, engineer, writer but he doesn't inspire me the way that artist like Kendrick Lamar and Erykah Badu do. Honestly there aren't many artist that do inspire me. Sure I like their music but do they truly evoke change or provoke thought in me, Nah. With that being said I am still interested in J. Cole the person, and the artist and I think in time he will grow on me and this documentary has definitely aided in that. Being able to see the human behind the "machine" is important to me. It's the vulnerability that relates us. Sometimes you need more than just the music to get know an artists true purpose. I love and enjoy "the process", the production behind the production and this documentary reflects that, well. Might not be worth a subscription but definitely worth the watch. - DJ Nia Boom

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