iPhone 7 Umm??

Ok, as a self proclaimed "Apple Head" I am always excited to see what Apple is going to do next but lately there hasn't been much to anticipate. As most people who know me know I think once Steve died so did the innovation and ingenuity that Apple was always known for did, but I still have hope because although I think Apple has a superior OS than an Android they have plateaued and this latest reveal confirmed just that. This College Humor video hit the nail on the head. Sure super mario is great and even the air pod are dope but at $160 how practical is that. The only thing that impressed me was were those things and the camera which is great in theory but they to me have always had a crappy camera so I honestly don't believe the hype but we'll see... Overall if they don't step it up iPhones will be outta here as they have already been somewhat shunned by the younger generation.

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