Big Boi "Boomiverse" Album Release

Yess! Big Boi just dropped a new project titled "Boomiverse" and Im so glad I got a chance to go, it was super last minute and pouring down rain (hence the F the Rain chant lol) . Big Boi is one of my favorite emcees easy. He always come with something different and dope. Speaking of that he even had the blue cassettes tapes on deck! I was gonna get one but I opted out and got the CD instead which I regret now but N E ways the album is fire. The title track "KIll Jill"and Freaknomics are my joints right now but Im just starting to get into it so I know they'll be more. Big Boi even got on the ones and twos and he was gettin it! check out the footage and excuse the quality yall, had to shoot this with my iPhone. Make sure yall go cop Boomiverse tho! - BooM ;))  P.S Shoutout to EZE  of Organized Noise 

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