Beyonce - 7/11

Ok Bey I see you! and apparently she sees young Hip-hop. The Beat, the flow, the Red Cup Special* it's evident she is paying attention to the young generation (and Jay has seriously rubbed off on her). Not the Bey we're use but one I am starting to get to know. She seems so carefree, fearless and free in this video. Just hope it's genuine and not a ploy to stay relevant. I wanna know one thing though, why is she spinning "while her hands up?"  and seems so obsessed with alcohol, booty and feet. (ok two questions) Love the choreography and the fact that she wasn't afraid to show what a woman's bathroom really looks like! annnd she saved some serious dough cause from the looks of it the whole video was shot in a hotel room. Although I am not sure what she's talking about exactly (program chants) she's apparently fresher than me and can use her foot to make phone calls :O only bey… #711

Dj Nia Boom  

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