Kapo Mann LIVE! on NiaB!Radio 6.25.12

Kapo Mann 

is a Jamaican born, American rapper. Currently working with Amplifly Music, BigTyme Music Group, and Loc N Grow Enterprises, Kapo Man is a major independent artist who understands and appreciates the grind. Originally born in Manchester, Jamaica in 1983, he migrated to Miami, Florida’s South West Miami-Dade area. He is currently working on his new mix tape project to be hosted by DJ J3 of the X-Squad DJs and Southern Music Radio. He’s on a predestinated path in pursuit of his destiny.His journey to such a point in life has not been an easy road. From moving around city-to-city, state-to-state, Kapo Mann was raised by a single mother and her supportive family. After relocating to Miami, Florida at the age of five, he was raised between Miami and New York City.

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