Xclusive Interview w/ CEO and Recording Artist "LAK"

Larry "LAK" Henderson also known as the HipHop Educator is on a mission to teach and reach the youth through Hip-Hop music. As soon as you hear the first lyrics off of any of his tracks it's easy to see that he has taken much time and effort in piecing together vital facts and flow atop some of the hardest hiphop beats Ive heard in a long time. As CEO, Recording Artist and Co- Executive Producer of Smart Music Entertainment he has taken full advantage of the knowledge he's gained and is not selfish about sharing (Thank God). During our conversation we spoke about his passion for gaining knowledge, his favorite books! and his thoughts on slavery in the 21 century. In his latest project Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education he has succeeded in his mission to elevate the minds of the people!. It is a hit on Amazon's bestseller lists, reaching #1 in Hot New Releases and #8 in all Educational Music. Songs on Lesson One hit on topics such as money management, female empowerment, African-American impact, history, politics, and more. It is refreshing and exciting to see a young man be so prolific and passionate in his pursuit. He reminds me a lot of Rakim and KRS-1. Shoutouts to LAK keep Doin ya thing.


-DJ Nia B.

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