[BREAKING NEWS] Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) Arrested!

It's really sad that a lover's quarrel turned so ugly. However this isnt the first time that Evelyn has suspected Chad of cheating. Back in January she postponed the wedding because of his being unfaithful. Honestly, I think she knows what type of man she's dealing with. No offense but he has always been a "Ladies Man" I don't know what really happened only Chad and Evelyn do but I hope the truth sets everyone free... It's so unfortunate the wedded bliss didn't last too long for Johnson (Ochocinco) and his Basketball Wives star spouse Evelyn Johnson. According to reports in Florida, the Miami Dolphins receiver was arrested last night (Aug. 11) and charged with domestic violence after a heated confrontation. Police reports state that the conflict arose after Evelyn found a receipt for condoms while the couple was driving home and things erupted from there.
According to Davie police Capt. Dale Engle, Evelyn told cops that in the midst of an intense argument, the controversy the NFL star head-butted her in front of their Miami abode. Evelyn was taken to a hospital and treated for a forehead cut. Johnson, formerly known as Ochocinco, was charged with simple battery, domestic violence. All this, just as the couples Vh1 Basketball Wives spin-off series, Ev & Ocho, premieres next month. Hmm....Stay tuned!

DJ Nia B.

Source: Vibe

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