[NEW] Mariah Carey: "Triumphant" Feat Meek MIll & Rick Ross

Mariah Carey just released her latest single "Triumphant" (Get Em') off her upcoming album set to drop this Fall. She's teamed up with long-time producers and hitmakers Jermaine Dupree and Brian Michael -Cox. This track features current industry heavy hitters Rick Ross and Meek Mill from the MayBach Music Group better known as MMG.  First, let me say I'm glad she's back I've miss that voice... and the sincerity she brings to the game. You know Mariah keeps it 100. But, I feel the song itself is nothing special sorry "MC" I do like the hook and love the horns on the track, always inspirational. But having a hard time figuring out whose song it is. Why are you only singing on the hook? I want more Mariah! It sounds like she's the one being featured. Anyhow, Love the Single cover as well reminds me of "Honey"...  it's Mariah she on Fire! and we love her. Overall I give this track thumbs up! but next time I want more....Can't wait for the follow up - NBR

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